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Post by myrApps, Apr 20, 2023.
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In the latest version of MyEarTraining, there is a significant improvement in the way notation is displayed during exercises. Previously, the app used only the treble clef to display notation. However, this presented some challenges when users set a wide range for exercises and these included very low or high notes. To overcome this problem, the app now uses the appropriate octave clef when notes are too low or too high. This makes the notation much easier to read and understand.

By using the appropriate octave clef when notes are too low or too high, as is now implemented in MyEarTraining, the notes can be written within a reasonable range on the staff while using a minimum number of ledger lines. This not only makes the notation easier to read and understand, but it also helps to maintain the visual clarity and integrity of the music score

The app uses an auto-detection algorithm to choose one of the most used octave clefs: 8va, 8vb, 15ma, 15mb.

This feature is included since version (Android) and 2.9.5 (iOS).

More info about octave clefs:

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