Revolutional ear training solution working on all platforms

Students and teachers can use any device (mobile or desktop).
All data is stored in cloud and accessible from anywhere.

How does it work?

The idea of MyEarTraining for schools is that students can practice on any mobile device or desktop, their exercise results are synchronised automatically into the cloud and teachers can view these results as statistics in any web browser on any device. Students can train on their mobile devices e.g. during commute, waiting for the bus etc. They can also train on any desktop with web browser. All these devices are automatically synchronised so that the students have always access to the latest up-to-date learning plan with exercises selected by the teacher and each student is even able to check his own statistics to adopt his practice pace by himself. Teachers can check students' progress (e.g. directly in class) on any laptop, tablet or even mobile phone.


Students can practice on any mobile device or desktop. MyEarTraining is available as:

  • Android app
  • iOS app (for iPhone or iPad)
  • web app for desktop PCs/Macs, Windows Phones, Blackberry Phones...

Statistics in cloud

Students' statistics are stored in the cloud and are therefore accessible by teachers from anywhere. Exercise results are automatically synchronised from students' devices.

Custom exercises

Create custom exercises. Organize them into modules either thematically (topics) or chronologically (lessons). Publish them with one click to all your students.