What is MyEarTraining?

MyEarTraining is a platform for ear training. The main idea is to make ear training practice possible anywhere, anytime, without the need of another person and/or an instrument. It is available for Android and iOS devices as native application. Web interface access can be used in any other case. Users with more devices can create an account to synchronize data between them.

MyEarTraining can be used as education platform in schools. Teachers can create their own courses and implement syllabus by creating custom exercises with instructions for students.

MyEarTraining includes some basic music theory but if you have deeper interest in music theory exercises and lessons, there is another solution - mymusictheory.org.

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About the author

Hi, I am Miro Majdan and I am the founder of MyEarTraining. It all started in 2006 when I was introduced to Jamey Aebersold’s Ear Training CDs. The CDs included hundreds of recordings of intervals and chords organized by difficulty as common audio tracks. I quickly realized the limits of these recordings and created the first version of MyEarTraining. It was a primitive command line tool written in Java.

In 2012 I started developing ear training application for Android phones. Later that year it was published. A few years later I published a version for iOS devices and added the interface for teachers.

In the meantime I created many side projects: Ukulele Tuner (Android, iOS), Guitar Tuner (Android, iOS) and MyMusicTheory (web, Android, iOS). The last one mentioned is a platform similar to MyEarTraining but covering only pure music theory concepts. As the music theory and ear training topics do sometimes intersect, they may contain some similar exercises or lessons.

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