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MyEarTraining is the complete ear training solution for you. More than 100 exercises for all experience levels cover all the important aspects of music. Users with no ear training experience begin with simple perfect intervals, major vs. minor chords and simple rhythms. Advanced users can progress through seventh chord inversions, complex chord progressions and exotic scale modes. You can use tonal exercises with solfeggio or singing exercises to improve your inner ear.

✓  intervals, chords, scales, chord progressions

✓  tonal exercises using solfège

✓  rhythm exercises

✓  singing exercises

✓  create custom exercises

✓  statistics to track progress

Recommended by professionals

Concept supported by Dr. Andreas Kissenbeck
University of performing Arts Munich


"#1 Ear Training App. MyEarTraining is an absolute necessity for anyone in the field of music."

Fossbytes magazine

"The skill, knowledge and depth of the app is absolutely outstanding."

Educational App Store

"MyEarTraining is a very useful app, I truly recommend it to improve the ability to fully recognise intervals, rhythms, chords and harmonic progressions. Great app with a very cheap price!" - Giuseppe Buscemi (classical guitarist)


Track your progress

See your progress grouped by days, weeks or months to get a long-term overview of your practice sessions. See detailed reports to find your weaknesses.

Sync across devices

Synchronize your data between multiple devices and different platforms and save your data in case you switch to a new device.

Suitable for schools and teachers

Teachers can assign their own exercises based on the curriculum and track students' progress using school interface. Learn more.


Courses and lessons will guide you through ear training for musicians without a teacher and with no previous ear training experience. Basic music theory needed to start ear training is included.

Custom exercises

Adjust the exercise set fully to suit your specific learning needs by creating your own exercises parameterized at your will.

Solfège exercises

Master the concept of solfeggio, one of the most effective ear training methods. It teaches you about the relationship of notes to tonal centre.


Singing exercises help you develop your inner ear and improve your voice intonation. They should be performed by all musicians, not just singers.

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